Kinski is multi-layered noise-rock, reminiscent of Sonic Youth at their most experimental, but also fuzzy guitars, tempo shifts, droning, shoegaze and space rock.

Kinski began playing live in 1998. By the summer of 1999, the trio had released its first record, Space Launch for Frenchie. Later that year, the band explored newer textures in their live set, and friend Matthew Reid Schwartz (guitar, keyboards) was added to the lineup. Kinski has toured with Mainliner (Japan), Hovercraft, and Silkworm.

In 2001, their follow-up, Be Gentle with the Warm Turtle, arrived. Two years later, the group returned with their Sub Pop debut, Airs Above Your Station. A split release with Acid Mothers Temple was also issued in 2003. A West Coast tour supporting Mission of Burma coincided with Kinski's fourth album, Don't Climb on and Take the Holy Water, in spring 2004.

Alpine Static followed in 2005. Kinski move further from the psychedelic marathons and space-rock they honed over seven years, taking an even bigger step than 2005's Alpine Static into more immediately familiar proto-metal and rock.

2007's Down Below It's Chaos added a '70s hard rock vibe and vocals to their intense drones. Tool invited them to support them on the US stadium tour.


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